Mandiri Business Savings

Business Transactions Become Clearer

As a business player, you certainly need bank products and supports that provide fast and easy services with wide-spread network in Indonesia.

Now, to expedite your business transactions, Mandiri presents Mandiri Business Savings which provides the ease and convenience.


  • Equipped with Mandiri Debit and Mandiri e-Banking Services: Mandiri SMS, Mandiri Internet and Call Mandiri.
  • No transfer charge for inter Bank Mandiri automatic fund transfer.
  • Saving Book contains descriptions and clearer and more complete explanations of transactions, for example:
    Date Transaction Balance
    11/03/2008 5.000.000,- 5.000.000,-
    ATM Transfer from Wasis
    14/03/2008 75.000.000,- 80.000.000,-
    Transfer from Bayu Mandiri, PT
  • Withdrawal and deposit can be done in all Mandiri Branches in Indonesia.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Initial deposit Rp. 1,000,000,-
  • Minimum balance end of month Rp. 10,000,000,-
  • Balance on hold Rp. 10,000,-
  • Account holder
    • Individual i.e a Person or Private Business (Shop, Auto Repair Shop, Merchant Business, etc)
    • Non-individual i.e a Limited Liability Company, Foundation, Cooperative, Business Firm, Limited Partnership, Maatschap
  • Submit copies and show the original document for:
    • Individual:
      • Private Individual
        • Indonesian Citizen: ID Card or Passport or Driving License
        • Foreign Citizen: Passport and KIMS/KITAS
      • Private Business
        • Owner’s personal credentials
        • Business License
    • Non-Individual:
      • Taxpayer’s Registration Number (NPWP)
      • Deed of Company Establishment
      • Articles of Associations and the latest amendment
      • Power of Attorney for the appointment of account management
      • Personal credentials of grantor and receiver of powers
  • Monthly administration charge Rp. 12,500,-
  • Charge for below minimum balance end of month Rp. 25,000,-
  • Charge for below minimum balance on hold Rp. 50,000,-