Mandiri Foreign Currency Saving

More benefits for your foreign currency savings

If USD savings is what you need, make sure you save your money in an account that gives you the benefit, flexibility, and convenience in doing all transactions. Mandiri Tabungan Valas is the right choice that you can rely on to fulfil your needs.


  • Deposits in USD100 banknotes with good physical conditions will be free of additional commission and buy-sell exchange rate charge
  • Withdrawal of USD banknotes up to USD20,000 per month will be free of additional commission and buy-sell exchange rate charge
  • Competitive exchange rate
  • Interesting interest rate


  • You can withdraw your money in cash/non-cash in all Mandiri Branches all around Indonesia
  • You can deposits your money, cash/non-cash in IDR, USD, or other currencies.
  • You can choose to withdraw your money in IDR, USD, or other currencies while the stock lasts.


  • Mandiri Internet and Mandiri SMS facilities available to give you the convenience in doing financial transactions, for example in transferring money between Mandiri Account or transfer to other local bank account
  • 24 hours service is available for non-financial transactions, i.e. balance information/account transactions, interest rate, etc. through mandiri internet, mandiri sms, mandiri atm and mandiri call.

Terms And Conditions

  • Individual Customer.
  • Can be created in the name of two individuals (joint account).
  • Copies of valid ID
    • o Indonesian Citizens (WNI): Identity Card
    • o Foreigners (WNA): Passport and Residence Permit (KIMS)/ Temporary Residence Permit (KITAS)/ Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)
  • Minimum initial deposit USD 100
  • Minimum balance USD 100
  • Charged with monthly administration fee
  • Charge for balances under minimum

* Other terms and conditions apply.