Mandiri Warehouse Receipt Loan

A Working Capital Credit facility in rupiah or US Dollar for agroindustry commodity trade, with the withdrawal conducted using Warehouse Receipt (W/R) issued by Collateral Management Service Company (CMSC).

  1. Purpose of Credit: To finance working capital needs of commodity business.
  2. Maximum Bank Financing: The maximum is 85% (eighty-five percent) of the working capital needs, by considering the volatility of commodity price being financed.
  3. Period: Maximum 1 (one) year and extendable.
  4. Currency: Rupiah (IDR) and/or US Dollar (USD). Working Capital Credit (WCC) in foreign currency is only provided for export purposes.
  5. Nature of Credit: Revolving Plafond, Commited & Advised
  6. Means of Withdrawal: Media withdrawal using Warehouse Receipt

More Information

For further information regarding our products, please contact Call Mandiri at 14000, or click here to contact our Commercial Banking Center.

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